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Your one stop portal to high quality and creative accessories for Smith Micro's Poser. Specializing in the creation of fantasy conforming clothing for all Poser figures.

Foot Soldier Expansion for Imperator M4
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Conforming Roman Soldier eepansion for Imperator for Michael 4


Bring on the Legions!!! The Roman army would be nothing without the thousands of foot soldiers of their Legions.

This new outfit comes in a set of 4 conforming parts and 2 smart props. Each has been textured carefully to match the style of the outfit. Each part features completely flat mapping with no stretching, providing a great base for you to explore your own texturing ideas. All parts are covered by 2 texture templates which are included.

This expansion includes the following:

  • Lorica Segmenta Cuirass
  • Lorica Segmenta Pouldrons
  • Scarf
  • Belteus (Updated with morphs to fit Lorica)
  • Pilum - Spear
  • Scutum - Shield

Due to the complexity of this layered outfit only Bulk and BodyBuilder Full Body Morphs are included. This should be sufficient to configure many body styles that would be common for Roman warlord types.

Required Products:

Poser 7, 8, 9 Pro 2010 0r 2012
Michael 4
Imperator For M4

Michael 4 and Skin Textured not included.

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